Trade unions in Turkey / Friedrich Ebert Vakf°. Project team: Filiz Aslan ... Oya Baydar (ed.). - 2. rev. ed., [electronic ed.]. - Istanbul, 1998. - ca. 300 S. = 685 Kb, Text . - (Research results / Friedrich Ebert Vakf°)
Electronic ed.: Bonn: FES-Library, 1998

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operation with trade unions has always been a major point of interest of the national and international activities of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It is therefore a great pleasure for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Istanbul to distribute the second edition of this extensive research publication on „Trade Unions in Turkey„, which was accomplished in cooperation with the „Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey„ and gives a detailed account of the current conditions, targets and methods of organisation of Turkish trade unions.

Trade unions constitute an essential part of the social and political life in democratic countries. In Turkey, the trade union movement has contributed considerably to the process of democratisation and constitutes an integral and indispensable part of civil society. Therefore, the lack of comprehensive research on the condition of trade unions in Turkey has widely been regarded as a great deficit at the national as well as at the international level. It is with pleasure that the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has noticed the large demand of this work, which attempts to fill the information gap in this field and to create a thorough unterstanding of the current situation of the Turkish trade union movement.

I would like to extend my special gratitude to all those who contributed to the accomplishment of this project, especially to Orhan Silier, Secretary General of the History Foundation and to the members of the Project Team, Filiz Aslan, Oya Baydar, Aynur Cimen, Sevil Emili, Irvem Keskinoglu and Zülal Kilic.

February 1998
Jörg Lange
Representative for Turkey, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

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