The birth of TISK goes back to the association of six employer unions under the umbrella organization called Istanbul Isveren Sendikalari Birligi (League of Employer Unions of Istanbul). These six unions were the employer unions in the metal, wood, textile, food, printing and glass and cement branches.

On 20.12.1962 the League adopted a resolution for organizing on a national level and changed its name to TISK.

Until mid-1965 the Confederation was based in Istanbul, but the extraordinary congress that convened on August 5, 1965 decided to move its headquarters to Ankara.

With later affiliations the membership of TISK has risen to 19.

The basic principles of the Confederation are the following:

- to carry out activities, in compliance with democratic principles, for achieving and maintaining labour peace;

- to support the free and parliamentary democratic regime;

- to uphold and to protect the concept of free enterprise and liberal market economy as a part of this regime;

- to espouse as its main target an industrialization following closely new technological developments and to support the services and agricultural sectors;

- to contribute to an increase in production and productivity;

- to defend the joint rights and interests of its members, as well as those of employers in general;

- to work towards dialogue and accord between employers and workers;

- to expand industrialization and reinforce the competitive power and to emphasize professional and technical training;

- to defend a tax system encouraging economy and investments;

- to support privatization to the extent it conforms with national interests;

- to defend Turkey’s full membership of EC;

- to consider environmental problems as a function of industrialization efforts.

The organs of the confederation are:

1) the general assembly which convenes every third year in December;

2) the board of managers which is composed of 29 members elected by the general assembly and convenes at least once every three months;

3) the audit board which is composed of 3 members; and

4) the disciplinary committee which is composed of 5 members.

TISK also has an executive committee appointed by the board. The joint meetings of the board members of affiliated unions and the meetings of their general secretaries are other advisory organs.

The confederation is represented in various international and national organizations including ILO, International Organization of Employers (IOE), European Union of Confederations of Industrialists and Employers (UNICE), Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) of OECD, Special Expertise Commissions of the State Planning Organization, Turkish Labour Assembly, Social Insurance Institution and the Supreme Council of Arbitration.

TISK is also the founder and/or member of various foundations such as the Microsurgery and Reconstruction, Economic Development, Economic Research and the Protection of the Handicapped foundations.

The board elected at the extraordinary congress of TISK on February 22, 1997 is composed of Refik Baydur (chairman), Sezer Mavituncalilar, Ibrahim Sencan, Sadik Oguz, Mehmet Eskiyapa, Uraz Tantu and Bedirhan Celik.

The union publishes a monthly periodical „Türk-Isveren" and quarterly „TISK Information".

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