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Special Catalogues

  • Bibliography Socialist Internationals (SI) (last updated 2001)
    This database is the digital version of the printed bibliography "Socialist Internationals - A Bibliography", compiled by Gerd Callesen. It is both bibliography and catalogue, indexing publications by social democratic and socialist internationals since 1914 and mentioning the location for each title.
    SI Bibliography, digital version.
    "Socialist Internationals - A Bibliography" as pdf file.
  • Bibliographie zur Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung und zur Theorie und Praxis der politischen Linken
    This database version of the bibliography indexing publications dealing with the history of the German labour movement contains all titles that have been compiled in the printed version since 1976. Additionally, this database also covers programmatic publications from left-wing political parties and trade unions.
    All titles are also searchable in our general catalogue.
    Additional information about this bibliography (in German language).
    Bibliographic database (German language).
  • Database of theses written by FES scholarship holders
    The FES Library maintains a database containing information on theses written by FES scholarship holders. Every thesis that has been handed over to us is indexed independent of its form (digital or printed copy) or subject.
    Database of theses (FES scholarship holders) (in German language).
  • Library of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt
    The Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) is one of the major welfare organisations in Germany, founded by Marie Juchacz. On the occasion of the commemoration ceremony for her 125th birthday the AWO managing board handed over the AWO Library on trust to the FES.
    Additional information about the AWO Library (in German language).
    Search AWO Library's catalogue (German).
  • Library of the DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund)
    The German Trade Union Confederation DGB handed over its library to the FES in 1995. All titles from this library have been added to the FES Library's general catalogue. The uniqueness of this collection has been preserved and is documented in a separate database of all DGB Library's holdings.
    Additional information about this library in German language.
    Search DGB Library's catalogue (German).
  • Library of the Seliger Archive
    In the year 1989, the "Seliger-Gemeinde" (a community of Sudeten German Social Democrats) decided to hand over its historical archive ("Seliger-Archiv") to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Part of this archive is a historical library with a huge collection of primary and secondary literature on the history of the German labour movement in Bohemian countries.
    Additional Information about the Library of the "Seliger-Gemeinde" in German language.
    Search the "Seliger-Gemeinde" Library's catalogue (German).
  • Grey Literature (Germany)
    This catalogue is an subset of the main catalogue and comprises monographic titles (produced since the 1970s) of German political parties, trade unions and affiliated organisations.
    Additional information on this collection in German language.
    Search the catalogue of grey literature (German).
  • International Trade Union Organisations (last updated 2002)
    Global union federations (GUF, formerly known as international trade secretariats) are international federations of national trade union organisations of specific industry sectors or occupational groups. This database comprises holdings of GUF in the FES Library, supplemented by holdings from the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. For newer holdings you can always refer to our Library's general catalogue where all FES Library's holdings of GUF are indexed.
    Survey on the organisational development of GUFs in German language.
    Search the special catalogue (German).
  • Publication Database for the Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW, last updated 2011)
    This database contains all titles that have been given to the FES Library by the steering committee of the GEW (German Education and Science Workers’ Union), supplemented with newer titles from the general holdings of the FES Library. You can also use these additional information on holdings from organisations related to the GEW (in German language).
    Search the GEW catalogue (German).
  • Solidarność Holdings (1980 - 1990)
    At the end of the 1980s the FES Library received a considerable collection of printed clandestine literature of the independend trade union Solidarność.
    Additional information on this collection in German language.
    Search the Solidarność catalogue (German).
  • Publications of Local Brances of the SPD (last updated 2010)
    This special catalogue comprises publications (maganzines, newspapers, brochures, Festschriften etc.) from local SPD branches as part of the FES Library's holdings. All titles are also searchable in the general catalogue.
    Additional information on this collection in German language.
    Search this special catalogue (German).