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Additional Information

Contact Persons

Subject Specialists


Regine Schoch
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8223

Roman Languages

Jacques Paparo
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8218


Marcus Sommerstange
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8227

Other German-Speaking Countries, Netherlands

Walter Wimmer
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8229

Additional Contacts

Interlibrary Loan

Irmgard Bartel
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8204

Digital Library

Ruth Großgart
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8212

IT and Internet

Walter Wimmer
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8229


Gabriele Kemp
Tel. ++49(0)228/883-8214