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Local and Interlibrary Loan

In-house Use

The FES Library is a reference library, thus we cannot offer any extramural loan option. Though exceptions can be arranged for institutional users. In such a case please contact the interlibrary loan department.

Interlibrary Loan

The FES Library participates in the national and international interlibrary loan system. Our Library's holdings can be requested by your local library using this system. In this case, please inform your local library about the specific titles you wish to receive from us, indicating the unique identifier for our library (ISIL):DE-Bo133. The ordered volumes will then be lent to your local library.

Direct Order of Articles and Publication Copies

You can order copies of articles and other publications that do not exceed the number of 60 pages per copy. Please see the charges for this services on the right.
Known titles from our holdings can be orderes using this order form in German language.
For other titles please search our general catalogue first. For titles that meet the basic requirements for the direct order option you will find this option next to the search result.

Publications from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

For all information about the different ways of accessing FES publications please see the information pages in the Digital Library section. FES publications that are not regularly available any more can be accessed using the interlibrary loan system or the direct order option in case our library has a copy of the specific publication. Please contact us if you need more information in this context.