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Germany, its Neighbouring Countries, and the Expellees:
History and History Policy since 1949

Forced migrations do not turn into a concluded occurrence once the last expellee or refugee has reached his or her new place of residence. Such events leave an indelible mark on an individual's biography and moreover raise the question of how to deal with these events in everyone involved - in the instigators of the forced migrations, the people affected and the people in the new home country.

Problems emerge at quite different levels - be it individual, local, national, or international.

The very first concerns are the survival of the people affected, alleviation of the most pressing hardships and the task of organizing the new beginning. Some derive political claims from the event. And last but not least, there are the important questions of how to remember the events and their victims in an adequate way while at the same time creating a better future in which the forced resettlement of human beings is not hailed as a political panacea.

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