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Future priorities : people first in the global economy, people first in the information society, people first through union organising and campaigning, people first in multinationals;
24th world congress, 14 - 18 March 1999, Sydney, Australia / Fiet. - Châtelaine-Geneva, 1999. - Getr. Zählung
Dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Künftige Prioritäten
Signatur(en): C 00-485

Future priorities - complete text [pdf-204 kb]

Titel-Contents-Foreword [pdf-25 kb]

Part 1: People First in the Global Economy [pdf-65 kb]

Part 2: People First in the Information Society [pdf-44 kb]

Part 3: People First Through Union Organising and Campaigning [pdf-28 kb]

Part 4: People First in Multinationals [pdf-46 kb]

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Trade Union Poster, Labor Day: "International Solidarity - Bread, Freedom, Peace"