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taped focus group discussion results (FGD) conducted by LEARN to different local unions to determine the effect of gender seminar to the unions

Major dailies

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About the Author

Mylene D. Hega

Mylene D. Hega is the Secretary General of the Manggagawang Kababaihan Mithi ay Paglaya or MAKALAYA, a women workers movement in the Philippines aiming to increase women participation in union life and leadership as well as to integrate gender concerns within trade union policies. She is currently the Assistant Executive Director and the Gender Program Coordinator of the Labor Education and Research Network Inc. (LEARN), a NGO formed by a consortium of trade unions to provide specialized training including political education and gender sensitivity seminars. Her previous works as co-author included gender sensitivity manuals for men and women, basic trade union handbook, financial management in trade unions and she writes a column in the KILOS! (Action!) alternative newspaper for workers. She studied behavioral science and has attended women courses in Amsterdam and Turin.

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