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About the Book:
Introduction: Youth and Politics in Southeast Asia
What About Gender?
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Country Papers:
Force of the Future? Youth Participation in Politics in Cambodia
Marooned in the Junction: Indonesian Youth Participation in Politics
Resistance under Repression: The Malaysian Youth and Student Movement
Rejecting “Old-Style” Politics? Youth Participation in the Philippines
Going Against the Flow” Political Participation of Thai Youth

Today’s Young Progressives Do Not Belong to Southeast Asia’s Future---The Time for Them is Now
Working for Change: IUSY in the Asia-Pacific Region

About the Book:
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About the Authors

Go! Young Progressives in Southeast Asia
Editors and Publishers: Beate Martin, FES Philippine Office,
June 2005
ISBN 971-535-027-5

This publication is a compilation of country papers with the theme "Political Participation and Young People in Southeast Asia”. By this book, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Philippine Office wants to draw attention to the ideals, visions and opinions of the young generation and the importance of political participation of young people. The publication is part of a project that builds up a network among progressive young people in Southeast Asia. It portrays the difficulties and challenges young people in five Southeast Asian countries face as they pursue and reinforce areas for political participation in their respective countries, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.