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About the Authors

Carmel V. Abao

Carmel Abao is the Secretary General of the AKBAYAN! Citizen Action Party – a newly established progressive party that seeks to find genuine people’s participation in the traditional political system of the Philippines. After finishing business management major in legal management in 1987, she worked as an educator-organizer in the Workers Institute-Workers College and then became the education officer of the Lakas Manggagawa Labor Center. She has been the editor of three newsletters and has written articles on the labor movement, dynamics among political blocs in political party formation and is currently working in a joint research on Korean social movement. She is now working as a research associate in the development watch project of the Institute for Popular Democracy.

Elizabeth U. Yang

Elizabeth U. Yang is the national coordinator of the PILIPINA women’s movement and is currently the secretary of the ABANSE! Pinay – a women electoral party looking for seats in the first party list elections in the Philippines. She studied business management and has worked as coordinator of Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) as well as the executive director of the Social Development Index, an NGO aimed at orienting the professional sector towards social service. She served as secretariat staff in the Beijing NGO Forum and observed the 4th World Conference on Women. She has designed and implemented women courses especially on politics and leadership.

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