The Authors

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Dr. Helena Sumiko Hirata

Dr. Helena Sumiko Hirata is a sociologist and works as a researcher at the GEDISST (Groupe D’Etudes sur la Division Sociale el Sexuelle du Travail – Study Group on the Social and Sexual Division of Work) of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique – National Centre of Scientific Research) in France. She does research on international comparisons of gender and work (especially Brazil – Japan – France). Her most recent books are: Femmes et partage du Travail (Women and the Division of Work), Paris Syros, 1996; and La División Sexual del Trabajo (The Sexual Division of Work), A.A./Santiago: PIETTE/CEM,1997.

Dr. Gisela Notz

Dr. Gisela Notz, is a sociologist and lecturer of the Research Institute of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. She also teaches sociology at the University GH in Essen. Her main fields of work are: Research on paid and unpaid work produced by women, social and labour market policies and historical research on women.

Jane Tate

Jane Tate has been working with homebased workers for the last ten years. She was a founding member of the West Yorkshire Homeworking Group, in the North of England and of the European Homeworking Group, which brings together homeworkers’ organisations from different countries in the European Union.

Dr. Barbara Stiegler

Dr. Barbara Stiegler, holds a masters in psychology and education and is a scientific collaborator in the Department for Social and Labour Research in the Research Institute of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Main field of work: Women’s Research.

Maria Berenice Godinho Delgado

Maria Berenice Godinho Delgado – Social Assistant, was a trade union leader in Brazil during many years. She was the President of the Social Assistants’ Trade Union in the State of Sao Paolo. She was also the general co-ordinator of the CUT’s National Committee for the Working Woman from 1987 to 1993. She was part of ELAS – Elisabeth Lobo Assessoria – Trabalho e Políticas Públicas.

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