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Members of the Future Commission
and its Academic Secretariat

Martin Baethge
born 1939, Dr.rer.poL, Professor of Sociology, Director of the Research
Institute for Sociology, University of Göttingen.

Marina Fischer-Kowalski
born 1946, Dr.phiL, Professor of Social Ecology, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Further Education (IFF) of the Universities of Vienna, Klagenfurt, Innsbruck and Graz.

Friedhelm Hengsbach
born 1937, member of the Jesuit Order, Dr.rer.oec., Professor of Economic and Social Ethics, Philosophical-Theological College Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt am Main, Head of the Oswald von Nell-Breuning Institute for Economic and Social Ethics.

Lutz Hoffmann
born 1934, Dr.sc.pol., Professor of Economics, Free University of Berlin, President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin.

Jürgen Kromphardt
born 1933, Dr.rer.poL, Professor of Economics, Technical University of Berlin.

Jochem Langkau
born 1941, Dr.rer.pol., Head of the Centre for Economic and Social Research and Advice, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn.

Stephan Leibfried
born 1944, Dr.rer.pol., Professor of Comparative Social Policy and Social Administration, University of Bremen, currently at the Wissenschaftskolleg of Berlin.

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Friedrich Meyer-Krahmer
born 1949, Dr.rer.pol., Professor of Innovation Economics, University of Strasbourg, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute of Systems Technology and Innovation Research, Karlsruhe.

Joachim Mitschke
born 1936, Dr.rer.pol., Professor of Economic and Business Accounting,
University of Frankfurt am Main.

Christa Müller
born 1956, degree in economics and business studies, researcher at the Centre for Economic and Social Research and Advice, Division for Economic Policy, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn.

Harald Mylord
born 1963, degree in political science, particular interests in European integration and comparative international technology and innovation policy.

Frieder Naschold
born 1940, Dr. phil., Professor, Director of the Research Division II: Technology - Work - Environment, Science Centre for Social Research Berlin (WZB).

Hildegard Maria Nickel
born 1948, Dr.sc.phiL, Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin.

llona Ostner
born 1947, Dr.phiL, Professor of Comparative Social Policy, University of Göttingen.

Fritz W. Scharpf
born 1935, Dr.jur., Professor, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Research, Cologne.

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Udo Scholten
born 1954, degree in social sciences, researcher at the Centre for Economic and Social Research and Advice, Division for Economic Policy, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn.

Udo Ernst Simonis
born 1937, Dr.sc.pol., Professor of Environmental Policy, Science Centre for Social Research Berlin (WZB), Chairman of the Association of German Scientists (VDW).

Sibylle Tonnies
born 1944, Dr.jur., Professor, lecturing in Social Work at the Hochschule of Bremen.

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