The adoption of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights is a significant moment in the history of the European Union. The achievements of the European integration process over almost half a century have been significant and impressive. However, the adoption of a charter documents that Europe is sharing much more than economic interests, open markets, but share common values. The Charter is an important document for all Europeans. However, the interest in the Charter transcends the borders of the EU because of a number of reasons. The Charter might help non-European readers and observers to understand the mindset of Europeans, it might provide suggestions for similar efforts in other parts of the world.

  The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Korea Cooperation Office has decided to publish this brochure for partners and other interested persons and organisations outside Europe. We hope to stimulate the important discourse on fundamental rights. We are grateful to the authors of the introductory note, two persons who have been deeply involved in the process of writing down the Charter: Prof. Dr. Juergen Meyer, member of the German parliament and one of the three German delegates for the Convention to draft the Charter and Dr. Markus Engels, adviser to Juergen Meyer.


Seoul, August 2001


Dr. Peter Mayer
Representative of
Korea Cooperation Office