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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

Socialist Youth International

The International was founded at a congress at Hamburg 1923 in connection with the unification congress of the two social-democratic internationals. The SYI had most of its affiliates in Europe as it shared its strength with the parties of the LSI. Until 1933 its headquarters were in Berlin, after that they were moved first to Prague (until 1938), then to Paris (1938-1940). The secretary general for the whole period was Erich Ollenhauer.
The SYI cooperated closely with the LSI. The archives of the SYI are in the IISG in Amsterdam, although other archives should be consulted as archival material may be found in the archives of the national organizations.
A microfilm of the German edition of "International Socialist Youth Correspondence" has been made. The known holdings of the English and French editions of the periodical are very incomplete, the Danish edition was published for the years 1937-1940 only.

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