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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

Second International

After the wartime split of the international socialist movement and the foundation of the Communist International, the parties still in the Second International held four Conferences in 1919-20, formally under the auspices of the International Socialist Bureau. Finally, at the Geneva Congress (1920) only seventeen parties were represented, including the British Labour Party, the (Mehrheits-)Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (MSPD) and the social democratic parties of Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and Poland. The Congress decided to move the secretariat from Brussels to London.
Reports of the conferences in Amsterdam an Lucerne and the resolutions of these conferences are published in: Gerhard A. Ritter (ed.): Die Zweite Internationale 1918/19. Protokolle, Memoranden, Berichte und Korrespondenzen. J.H.W. Dietz Nachf., Bonn 1980.
Archival holdings in: AAN, IISG, LHASC, RGASPI.

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