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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

Organisation Committee for the International Socialist Conference Stockholm

With the outbreak of the First World War, the International ceased to speak on behalf of the whole international movement. There were four Inter-Allied Labour and Socialist Conferences during the war (1915, 1917, and in February and September 1918, all of them held in London). The left-wing groups and parties opposing the war organised three international Conferences: in Switzerland at Zimmerwald 1915, at Kienthal in 1916, and the third in Stockholm 1917.
An attempt to organise a universal international Conference in Stockholm in 1917, initiated by various socialist parties of neutral countries and the Secretary Camille Huysmans, failed.
AAN: files on the Stockholm Conference (archive 150. IInd International).
AMVC: Papers C. Huysmans.
Further material is held by the IISG and RGASPI. See also archives for the International Socialist Bureau.

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