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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

Internacio de Socialistaj Esperantistoj

The first international workers' Esperanto organization was founded in 1906, refounded in 1921 in Prague as "Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda", SAT. The SAT was a non-partisan organization, but for some years was strongly influenced by its communist members, who left the SAT as late as 1932 to found the marxist orientated "Internacio de Proleta Esperantistaro", IPE. After 1945 the SAT was refounded as a non-partisan International.
At a conference on 4 June, 1933 in Vienna, the social democratic faction in the SAT decided to found its own International, "Internacio de Socialistaj Esperantistoj", ISE, and left the SAT. The ISE hat its first headquarters in Vienna, but had to move after February 1934 , first to France, then to the Netherlands. The ISE hat national sections in Austria, Danzig, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia (the German organization hat participated in the preparations but had been dissolved before the International was founded) and members in several other countries, e.g. the USA; its last activities are recorded for 1938.
Chairmen: Ede Gischitz (Hungary) 1933-34, F. Chamarre (France) 1934-1936, Jan van der Landen (the Netherlands) 1936-. Franz Jonas (Austria) was deputy chairman 1933-1934. Secretaries: Johann Weinhengst (Austria) and L. van Vlaardingen (the Netherlands) 1936-.
1933-1938 (1939)

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