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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

International Socialist Bureau

The Socialist International was the descendant of the International Workingmen's Association, founded in 1864. After the virtual demise of the First International in 1872, socialist parties were founded in various European countries. These founded the new International, the II International, at a Congress in Paris in 1889. The International was a loosely-knit organization until the establishment of the International Secretariat in 1900. The International Bureau composed of representatives of the leading parties acted as its leadership. It was this body, organised by its Secretary (first Victor Serwy, then Camille Huysmans from 1906 on), that determined the policy of the International between congresses.
The First World War created an unprecedented crisis in the International; the support for pursuing the war given by the socialist parties of the belligerent countries to their governments conflicted with the traditions of the Socialist International.
AAN: documents on the activities of the Dutch-Scandinavian Committee and socialist conferences in London (1915), Vienna (1915) and The Hague (1916). (Archive 150.IInd International).
AMVC: archive C. Huysmans (with microfilm copies of a selection of this material at FF and IISG).
ARAB: documents on the peace efforts by the Swedish Social-Democratic Party.
IISG: material concerning the international socialist movement 1914-17 (archive R. Grimm - Zimmerwalder Bewegung).
LHASC: Labour Party archive.
RGASPI: collection of documents on socialist congresses and conferences 1915-19 (archive 340. Second International).

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