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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

International Socialist Abstainers' Union

National workers' abstainers' organizations had existed for quite some time before they succeeded in founding an International in 1928. The second conference was held in Dresden in 1931, but after 1933 the International had to move its headquarters, which eventually were located in Stockholm (1934). At irregular intervals, the ISA published a bulletin in German and "Pressmeddelanden" in Swedish - it was planned to publish these in English and French, but this was not possible for financial reasons.
The fourth conference was held in Helsinki in 1939, and in 1949 another in Stockholm/Lunnevad.
ARAB: A substantial collection of 16 boxes left at the ARAB by the former secretary of the organization, Henry Dittmer, covering the period ca. 1934-1952.

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