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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

International Friends of Nature

The organization was founded in Vienna in 1895, but soon spread to the surrounding countries. Until 1950 the World Organization [Weltverein] of the Friends of Nature could be called a centralized organization and did not become an International. After the first World War, the Friends of Nature existed in several European countries and in the USA where it had been founded by immigrants from the German-speaking countries. After 1933/34 political emigrants founded new organizations in other countries. In 1934 headquarters were forced to move to Switzerland where they remained until 1988 when they returned to Vienna.
The International was formally founded in 1950 as a federation of nationally constituted organizations. After 1989/1990 bonds to new and refounded members in Eastern Europe were established, but also to new organizations in Western Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The International is on its way to developing into a worldwide organization.
SSA: Archival holdings in the archives of the Swiss organization.
IISG: A collection 1932-1979.
eco: A large collection of the printed material.

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