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Socialist International - A Bibliography
Overview on the organizational development

Internationale der Arbeitersänger

The International was founded at a conference in Hamburg in 1926 on the initiative of the German organization. Until 1932, 17 organizations in 14 countries had joined the IDAS - outside Europe Palestine and the USA. The IDAS had plans to establish a publishing house, but only the initial steps were taken. The rise of the Nazi Party to power in Germany was a hard blow to the International as about 50% of the membership were Germans. Nevertheless, the International carried on until 1938 with headquarters in the CSR and after the 1938 conference, in the Netherlands. But the occupation of the Netherlands by the Nazis in 1940 had as a consequence the dissolution of the IDAS. No archival material seems to have survived.
In 1946 the "Internationale des Organisations Culturelles Ouvrières, IDOCO" was founded by the then existing workers' choir-organizations. Headquarters were originally in the Netherlands, but were moved to Germany in 1963. The German organization refused to be a political, democratic-socialist organization and as it was dominating the International, the IDOCO also became a neutral organization. For this reason the IDOCO-publications have not been registered here.
As for IDOCO-publications see: Rainer Noltenius (ed.): Illustrierte Geschichte, p. 134-135: Viens Socialisme, Vereint aus manchem Land (4. Lied), IDOCO-Informationen 1959-63 no. 1-8, 1968 [IISG], and Anton Kuli: 25 Jahre IDOCO, Amsterdam 1973, 38 p.

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